Refund Policy

Payments and Credits

Your payment enables us (OpenCart) to apply your account with a credit balance, minus a service fee percentage (exact amount is displayed during purchase authorisation) to be able to create Google Ads. While your account has a positive credit balance you will be able to use the available credit to serve your Google Ads. The balance of your account will reduce inline with the cost of the ads you are serving. Account transactions (credits / debits) are available for review under your account billing section.

Refunds on Credit balance

Please contact support to request a refund if your account is in credit and you are unable to serve adverts. Refunds will only be issued if your account has not started to serve adverts. If you have served adverts then any refund will be considered on a case by case basis, you will only be refunded on the unspent credit. If the credit was made more than 60 days ago we will be unable to issue a refund.


In the case of a chargeback, all accounts will be immediately suspended including any accounts that OpenCart deems to be related in any way. If a chargeback has been issued against a payment that has already been spent this will be treated as fraud and reported to the authorities. The chargeback amount, plus any fees imposed by the payment gateway and/or bank will be passed to a debt collection agency for recovery. All associated costs incurred in the recovery of the debt by the debt collection agency will also be added on at their discretion.

Additional Information

To reduce the risk of fraud, every transaction will be sent to our anti-fraud service provider. We reserve the right to decline your purchase and close your account if fraud is suspected. In some cases we may request additional information in order to process your payment.

Contacting support regarding balance and account.

All support requests must be made via the ticketing system on

OpenCart Limited, Unit 16, 26/F, Tuen Mun Central Square, 22 Hoi Wing Road, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong